• Guests are constantly wanting new products – BBM working with Mike and Lynn Simm put their thinking caps on and constantly looking new product
  • Always fine tuning product ensuring guests get the best on offer.
  • Revisiting rates and product to ensure our suppliers are on top of their game and providing the best possible for the Northland Experiences client.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Comprehensive marketing strategy and plan.
  • Working with stakeholders and partners to promote this product that spans from Coast to Coast in the mid-far north benefits so many operators along the way.
  • Google adwords
  • Facebook and Instagram, sponsored and organic advertising campaign.
  • A strategic PR campaign encouraging, social media influencers, radio hosts, journalists to enjoy the tour and write/speak about their Northland Experience!
  • Electronic, database communication.
  • Constantly thinking outside the box to get the word out about this amazing product.
  • We pulled on all our knowledge and more! 
Video created to appeal to the companies specific audiences - short excerpts of the video used for social media posts... moving images sharing the Northland Experiences journey!
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