PR & Communications

We have 20 years of PR experience, building valuable and strong relationships enabling us to;

  • Promote how extraordinary you and your business are.
  • Showcase your business with third party endorsement.
  • Raise your profile, establish your identity, launch new products, promote your services and drive growth.
  • Reconnect with existing audiences.
  • Connect with new customers. 

Media PR

Media relations can effectively help build brand recognition in a new market or strengthen your position in an existing market.  What we do;

  • Contact the media for coverage of your product or service.
  • Write press releases and editorial, interviews.
  • Media campaigns – a mix of digital, print, radio etc.
  • Media alerts via our databases.
  • Famils –  this PR tool is designed to give select journalists or influencers the opportunity to experience a region, venue, product or service. 
  • We will create famils with an end objective of the journalist promoting you via one or more channels. 

Elisabeth Easter, Journalist

As a journalist, I have found Steph and Anika from Blah Blah Marketing both dreams to work with…



  • We have a proven track record using a variety of communication channels to get a message out there or to ignite an action.
  • We can tell your organisations story in a magnificent, cohesive and collaborative way that engages people.
  • We can get your message out to a wide range of people to initiate a response e.g buy a ticket, complete a survey.
  • We have strong relationships within our local communities and business associations.
  • Communications plans excite us!  We are organised, intuitive, enthusiastic and strategic.
  • We have many traditional and not so traditional methods at our fingertips to ensure your communication arrives to the right audience.
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