Tailor made coaching offered to tourism businesses, working alongside you and your staff. We take on the big picture looking at your business and all the avenues it has for marketing successfully from traditional methods through to digital marketing, always aiming to ensure your product stands out in the crowd. You maybe eligible for Regional Business Partner Network funding to cover 50% of the costs associated with any of the below. Give us a call to ask about your options.

The areas we cover; 

Digital Marketing (2 – 6 hours) 
– database development and marketing, newsletter development 
– social media – facebook, Instagram etc – create a content calendar 
– show you how to measure the success of your digital marketing 
– all other online marketing/advertising 

Marketing Strategy (2 – 6 hours) 
– SWOT analysis 
– clear objectives and goals 
– identifying target market 
– branding and positioning 
– identifying key selling points and points of difference 

Marketing Plan (2 – 6 hours) 
Taking your key marketing objectives and goals we will develop a comprehensive marketing plan for you for the next 12 months. The will be achievable and within your budget. You will be able to take this plan and build on it each year. 
– develop plan 
– develop budget for plan 
– assign tasks to complete plan 
– tools to measure success 

PR with OOMPH (2 – 6 hours) 
– famils promoting your business 
– editorials contacting VIP’s 
– blogs 
– Keeping your customers in the know! 
– collaborative PR and marketing with other operators 
– giving you the competitive edge 

Websites (4 – 8 hours) 
We will work with you to ensure you have the right concept design, structure and content ready to go to a developer to build. 
– website planning 
– concept design 
– branding 
– content guidelines 

Customer Service and Sales (2 hour workshop) – We focus on thinking outside the box to create that little bit extra, plus work on enhancing customer service.  In an ever changing world where things are moving fast and you have to keep on the ball – while you must never lose traditional values you need to adapt them to your customers and client.
  • Ensure staff are comfortable with the concept that all travellers coming through their doors benefit from the sales of the products!
  • Have staff trust in themselves enabling them to maximise their sales and feel good about ‘closing that sale’.
  • Maximise sales
  • Improved customer service results.
  • Confidence to ensure that the customers passing through your businesses have been asked open ended questions to make sure that they are ‘helped’ with their onward travel bookings.

The outcome will be that the business is proficient in the areas that you have been coached on and put it to practical use. 

Time commitment varies depending on what is needed and your level of knowledge. We charge an hourly rate of $120 per hour for businesses, this will depend on what you require, and we will quote this after an initial (free) meeting with you. 

We are a registered provider on the Regional Business Partner Scheme and therefore anyone that takes up this training/coaching sessions maybe eligible for Regional Business Partner Network funding to cover 50% of the training costs associated. This is for businesses that are GST registered, have less than 50 Full Time Employees and are actively trading.

We will ensure you finish the coaching with what you need to succeed. Time commitment varies depending on what is needed and your level of knowledge. We will quote this after an initial (free) meeting with you.  

Contact us on  if you want to know more!