Keeping in contact with your guest or client database

  • For those of you who have a database – or list of emails somewhere, and you really should be using them??  We can train you in the use of the online marketing tool “mailchimp”
  • Mailchimp is a free email marketing service so there is no need to purchase new software.
  • We will show you how to create a database in mailchimp and also how to use mailchimp so you can send out your own information and promotions.
  • Provide ongoing support until you become the pro!

You maybe eligible for NZTE funding to cover 50% of the costs associated with any of the below. Give us a call to ask about your options.

We can do it all for you and create the newsletter/promotion and send out to your database

Contacting a wider audience via email and newsletters
If you would like to use a wider database to get your message out there – then we can set up newsletters for you and mail to our extensive Northland wide databases..

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