We offer one hour, half-day, full-day and multi-day corporate team building programs. We tailor make our events to suit your requirements, but all of our corporate team building activities are interactive, full of adventure and will bring out the best in your team.

Our unique locations throughout the Bay of Islands and Northland ensure we give you the best possible experience – making your event fun, memorable and of course meeting your specified objectives.   

All challenges can be adapted for any level of fitness, even when you have different fitness levels within the group.  We gather all this information prior to the event.

Not wanting a team building exercise?  We also make fun and entertaining packages for all group sizes – perfect for conferences, Christmas parties etc.

These experiences are run by Blah Blah Marketing and Blast NZ. Two dynamic companies which have combined Blah Blah’s corporate experience along with their skills organising some of the biggest events in the Bay, along with Blast’s expert knowledge and qualifications for motivating and inspiring people to be active and enjoy the outdoors.

Unique Team building experiences

Specialising in;

  • Bringing out the best in your team to ensure self-development
  • Positive communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving
  • Friendly competition
  • Discovering skills they never thought they had!
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team work
  • Energised
  • Presentation skills
  • Adventure
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Negotiation skills
  • Having fun and getting to really know your colleagues!!

Packages are;

  • Tailor made to clients requirements
  • Pricing will depend on package, group sizes and services included
  • Packages can be designed to fit within budgets and time frames
  • As us for a quote

The basic principles behind our packages;

  • Communication – Create an activity which highlights the importance of good communication in team performance
  • Problem solving/decision making – Give the team a problem in which the solution is not easily apparent and requires the team to come up with a creative solution.
  • Planning / Adaptability – Shows the importance of planning before implementing a solution
  • Trust – Involves an exercise which engages the team members in such a way that will induce trust between them.

Unique locations

  • Urupukapuka Island
  • Waitangi Treaty Grounds 
  • The Hell Hole of the Pacific – Russell
  • Conference rooms in top class hotels
  • The Ballroom of the first licenced bar in NZ
  • Anywhere in Northland!

Popular Packages


This is tribal warfare! In this adventure your teams have to work together to overcome physical and mental challenges, to see who earns the title of “CHAMPIONS”. May the best tribe win! A highly vigorous, stimulating exercise based on scavenger hunt principals but including dynamic challenges, and adrenalin pumping activities, you will be challenged to solve complex problems, overcome obstacles, carefully utilise your limited resources and rely upon your teammates for expertise and support.

This adventure can be set up Urupukapuka Island in the beautiful Bay of Islands (just a 40 min ferry ride), or on the mainland – anywhere in Northland!

The teams work towards unraveling clues to match a puzzle – related to your business or corporation. 

  • There is some water, some hills and some good old fashioned fun!
  • For those not physically up to it the team building is adapted to include them and maximise their skills – all still working as a team. 

What DHL had to say…

Our team of approx. 50 were looking for something different and exciting to do for our team building at conference this year. I am extremely lucky that I was passed onto Tracy at Blast as she definitely nailed what we were looking for. The detail Tracy and the team went into to make the team building specific to DHL was awesome. They were very attentive throughout the duration of the activity, helping teams where needed. The feedback from the team has been amazing, with almost everyone mentioning that this was one of the best team building activities we have done (and they have completed a lot of team building activities).

Mission Impossible

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to recover a suitcase which has vital information secreted in it. In this adventure, we challenge your team’s ability to interpret clues, barter, trade and exchange items all whilst trying to overcome barriers and setbacks.  

This journey will take you on an adventure through the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and the surrounding areas.

There is a cast of characters to help you along your way as booby traps, some fine actors, decoys and general good old fashioned fun prevents you from recovering your jewels.  

How good is your team at haggling, stipulating, bargaining and negotiating?

IMG_1289.JPGWhat Te Tai Tokerau Primary Health Organisation had to say…

What an amazing event!!! I have only received positive feedback and I have forwarded onto our staff so they can hopefully provide this to you.

Tracy and her crew were and are amazing!!  Such a well thought out event and really well set up.  I think it gave everyone a chance to get to know aspects of each other we were not aware of, and that is a fantastic.  I know the team has inspired a few people with ideas for games when they have whanau over at Christmas this year 😊

I am so happy everyone got into the spirit of the event and I am really looking forward for us to be able to work together again next year (shall have a word in the bosses ear 😉)  For those who were not able to come, I think the enthusiasm of the comments after the event might inspire them to be available next year – though we will look to have more advance notice for everyone when we do 😊

Oh, and the lunch was YUMMY!!! I wish I could have taken a doggy bag home 😊 

10/10 for everything and biggest thank you!!

Tania 😊



 Amazing Race – Hell Hole Murder Mystery 

Oh now this is a fun group package! Murder… Mystery… Mayhem! Pirates…Escaped Convicts…Prostitutes…Often Drunk and Disorderly…The Refuse of Society…

Welcome to the Hellhole of the Pacific!

Based at the spectacular  Waitangi Treaty Grounds – the Birthplace of our nation and in Russell – the Hell Hole of the Pacific.

A great ‘whodunit’ exercise whilst taking in the 1840s atmosphere!! This amazing race based on real prostitutes, priests, pirates, politicians, princesses, whalers and chiefs will have your teams well and truly on the move, thinking on their feet and planning their case.

“Was an awesome day, had such a blast racing around this incredible place! Amazing scenery and enjoyed basking in the whole cultural experience. We found the challenges and deciphering the clues so much fun, to finally discover the murderer!… Loved it!”  Toni.

Robin Hood! 

Sherwood forest comes alive with the adventures of Robin Hood and his merry men. In classic style Robin and his men takes on the Sheriff of Nottingham in a battle of wits to claim the ultimate prize. Join us to find out what happens to Maid Marion or where Friar Tuck loses his treasures.  Fun, laughs and challenges.

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Northland is blessed with some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery, with the majority of the coastline remaining unspoilt. We are local, living and working in this area so we know how amazing our back yard is. Our mission is to create packages that enhance our surroundings and highlight our unique part of New Zealand sharing our experiences with the rest of the world. We have created strong relationships with all the local authorities, working together to take our clients on a journey through this tranquil aquatic paradise.