Even when you target other businesses, at the end of the day you still work with people. And remember these people are important, worthy of your time and your respect,  because without these people your business won’t exist.
When thinking about others most people make a costly mistake. Are you making it too? Act with the knowledge – the rest of population is not just like you.
When you step into your business and plan a marketing campaign or any form of communication, do you still recall that people around you are different from you? We don’t all like the same colours, food or music and we certainly don’t all like the same jokes!
That is why remembering that others are different is important for success of your business as well as your personal success:
1. You will find it easier to communicate
2. Your message will be better received
3. You will gain more, sell more and be appreciated more because you will be approaching the right audience.
Have you ever checked if your communication and your choices are a reflection of your own personality only.
Allow others to be different.